Our Coaching Philosophy

  • People are complex
  • Integral coaching allows the coach and the client to be curious about how people relate to themselves and to the world (via relationships; work; play)
  • Integral coaching works on developing sustainable competencies (not a quick fix program)
  • A methodology that helps you develop yourself to be autonomous
  • Programs are individualized to work within your reality and also invite you into new possibility
  • Programs are designed to be structured to build a bridge and support you in building capacity/strength to move you from your current reality to the new possibility
  • Programs are not always about changing something about you or the way you do something – together we explore change; we
    explore development and; we explore acceptance.
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What can you expect?

  • Coaching programs designed specifically for you and your life situation
  • Coaching programs based on time tested evolving integral methodology to ensure you have greater competence and capacity to be effective in your life
  • Coaching support based on mutual respect and trust during and beyond the lifespan of your program

Program Design

  • Initial consultative conversation designed to identify coaching topic
  • One on one bi-weekly coaching conversations
  • Individualized exercises and practices focussed on your needs
  • Typical program length – 6 month

What is Coaching?

This is a question that most people ask. There are as many ways to define coaching as there are types of coaches and integral coaching is only one form of coaching. Integral coaching uses a methodology based on the examination of the whole person in their current way of being. In some ways it is easier to outline the benefits of coaching than to define the concept of coaching.

What Coaching is not

It is not therapy. I am not a therapist. I work as a guide to support you on your life journey whatever that may be. The work is aimed at developing competencies to support you in your present place in life and in your future. We spend minimal time reflecting on your past (something that therapy can do) and instead we concentrate on your present way of being and future possibilities.

How can integral development coaching benefit you?

Long term excellence

This aspect has two dimensions. Well coached individuals are able to develop competence in a particular area and unlike a goal a competence stays with us long-term. The other dimension is fulfillment. This is the feeling that what we do, how we live, and who we are becoming is meaningful and worthwhile.

Self Correction

Clients in successful coaching programs can observe their behaviours and performance and determine when they need to make adjustments to align their behaviours and performance with their intended outcomes or goals. Coaches are meant to become expendable…we work to deepen your competencies so you become self sufficient.

Self Generation

Clients in successful coaching programs are aware that people can always improve and look to ways to continually do this on their own. They will look for ways to deepen their competencies on a continual basis through different mediums.

Ready to get started? Let's talk…

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