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Successful coaching programs invite you into a journey of human development and self discovery. A successful coaching relationship explores who you are, what is important,  what matters to you and where you want to go.

“It is not about providing you the RIGHT answer; it is about listening to you, learning from you and supporting you as you are in the moment you arrive.”



Red Bug Coaching & Consulting Inc. offers integral development coaching services to private and corporate clients. Each coaching program is designed to address the unique needs of the client. Sometimes this means talking through a question; sometimes this means supporting the strengthening of competencies; and sometimes this means helping clients to develop new habits. Whatever it is - we do this work together!


Red Bug Coaching & Consulting Inc. offers consulting services to small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs in Leadership Development, Workplace Wellness and Strategic and Business planning. Every client has different needs and we work with you to deliver programs that support you where you are at in your business journey.


About Red Bug

Red Bug Coaching & Consulting Inc., is an Ottawa, Canada based company focused on supporting the learning and development needs of individuals and public and private sector organizations.

Founded in 2012 by Tanya Smith, a certified integral development coach and management professional, it prides itself on its commitment to supporting the well being of its clients through their developmental journey.

Our Services

Red Bug Coaching & Consulting Inc. offers programs and services related to the following fields of focus:

Personal/Professional Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Career/Transitional Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching

Leadership Development

Workplace Wellness

Strategic & Business Planning


What Clients are Saying...

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