Red Bug Coaching & Consulting Inc. offers consulting services to small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs in the following areas:

Leadership Development

Whether it is developing your own leadership skills or those of your team, Red Bug Coaching & Consulting Inc. is well placed to support you.  Ask us about the tools and resources we use to explore emotional intelligence, communication styles, and flexing your leadership style to make your workplace more effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Workplace Wellness

Do you want a work place that thrives in times of crisis? A workforce that is resilient and productive?  Red Bug Coaching & Consulting Inc. offers programming in mindfulness, resiliency, change leadership, and team dynamics.  All programs are built to address the specific needs and wants of your organization.

Strategic & Business Planning

Whether you are a solepreneur or a corporate entity, Red Bug Coaching & Consulting Inc. can assist you in establishing a vision and plan for your business – to maintain it, to grow it, and to leave it.  We support you in examining and integrating your values into your business to create a thriving, inclusive and diverse work environment!  

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