Why would I hire a coach?

This is a question that I’m asked quite frequently.   And while I know that answering a question with a question is not ideal I often do respond by asking you “Why would you hire a coach?” 

By the time you ask this question you have already thought about hiring a coach and by me asking this question I’m starting to explore challenges or obstacles you face.  By asking this question, I am introducing you to the practice of self-reflection.

So if you’re thinking of hiring a coach below are my top three reasons why my clients hired me.  Before I get to the reasons, let me explain that I am an integral coach   There are many types of coaches and integral coaching is only one form of coaching. Integral coaching uses a methodology based on the examination of the whole person in their current way of being. In some ways it is easier for me to tell you why people hire me as a coach than to define the concept of coaching.  So let me do that…drum roll please. 

The three top reasons why my clients hired me are:

  1. Self-Awareness.  It is the key to growth.  The path to explore your self-awareness is hard work.  It takes practice similar to practice required to learn a new skill. It is beneficial to your development and I support you along the way.  This is why you hire a coach.
  • Vision.  It is not enough to have a vision.  It is being able to make it real that leads you to personal and professional satisfaction.  This is what I refer to as “living your awesomeness”.   You can hire a coach for personal or professional reasons I’ll support you in understanding that vision, communicating that vision and, if others are involved eventually connecting them to your vision. This is why you hire a coach.
  • Accountability to self and examining resistance.  Both of these are key to minimizing your struggle. Examining your resistance to certain activities is not something we do naturally.  I work as your accountability partner and support you in strengthening competencies to overcome your resistances. There is a quote from an anonymous author that reads “The difference between try and triumph is a little “umph””.  The “umph” is different for everyone however without accountability and the capacity to examine your resistance to certain activities you will struggle with actualizing your vision.  This is why you hire a coach.       

There are many other ways an integral coaching relationship can support you.  If you are curious about how you can “live your awesomeness”, email me at tanyasmith@redbug.ca and let’s schedule a time to start you on the path to identifying your vision; overcoming your obstacles and living your awesome life.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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