We all experience transitions in our life’s – this is not unique to any one individual. What is unique is the way that individuals approach transitions. As an individual you need to be able to identify what you need to make the transition smooth and balanced whatever that may be. So as you transition from summer season to fall be mindful of your individual response to transitions…are you resistant or do you “go with the flow”? No matter your response, fall has arrived and I thought I would share some activities that will help with finding your balance through the transition.

1. Journal about your best summer memories.

2. Print (yes print) your favourite summer photos and put them in a scrap book or photo book.

3. Get physical – find a physical activity that you can do during a shorter day.

4. Pack away your summer gear.

5. Make a new meal plan.

6. Get out and be social.

As an Integral Coach, I support clients as they make significant transitions in their lives. A personal integral coaching program will assist you in the building of competencies that will make your transitions in life smooth and balanced.

Now go get your sweaters out of storage!

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