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The Arrival Practice – The Pandemic Version

I wrote this blog a few years ago as part of my own developmental work around finding my voice and sharing the power of my mindfulness practice with others.  I am repurposing it today as I am hearing more and more from my clients in leadership roles about how they are feeling rushed.  So, this is the pandemic version of my previous post.

Do you find yourself rushing “to get” somewhere and then “getting ready to leave” somewhere?  For many years, I found myself organizing my day to make sure that I could get in and get out of places on time.  When I started my meditation practice almost a decade ago, I slowly began to realize that this constant rushing around was not supporting me.  I was scattered, I was constantly feeling rushed, and I was stressed.  But wasn’t everyone like this, feeling this, wasn’t this normal?   Since I started practicing here is what I have discoveredby operating this way and allowing myself to be high jacked I was missing out on the moment of “The Arrival”.

These days I don’t feel the same sense of rush given I meet my clients virtually from my home office and yet I find it is still important for me to arrive. If truth be told I believe I need to feel it even more these days as there are even more distractions in my home office than I ever imagined. So, what is this moment of arrival, you ask?  For me it is a small amount of time that allows me to get settled before I show up in the space that I am entering – virtual or real. This practice of grounding myself allows me to enter with presence (not scattered, not rushed, not stressed). For me, presence looks like being calm and relaxed, and it helps me be ready to engage in a meaningful way in the situation I find in the room.    And guess what? IT is easy and you can do it too…here’s how to practice your “arrival” in a virtual environment:

Imagine yourself arriving at your virtual/home office (wherever in your house it may be).

Before you log in to your virtual meeting platform (or dial the number for the conference call) …Stop.

Take three deep breaths (first one to cleanse your thoughts; second one to cleanse your emotions; one to cleanse your body – remove/notice any tension)

Set an intention for yourself on how you want “to be” on your arrival.

Now click on “Join Meeting Now” and arrive in your space.

Welcome – that was quite an arrival you made!

So regardless of whether you have a formal meditation practice or not, this small practice can prove to be a powerful way to increase your ability to be present to yourself and others.  It will support you in building stronger personal connections and increase your ability to focus on the importance of every moment whether those moments are in person or virtual.

For me this is the power of practice!

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