Back to School…Joy or Anxiety?

I was one of those kids that loved going back to school every year.  There wasn’t a year that I did not enjoy the excitement of entering the classroom, dosage meeting my new teacher, being assigned a new desk, meeting new friends, etc.  Yes – I was “that kid”.

I know that this is not every child’s (or parent’s) experience.  My sense of excitement is someone else’s sense of dread, anxiety and perhaps even fear.   So how as a parent can you assist your child (and yourself) with minimizing the impact of an anxiety-producing event?  I might suggest that you spend some time learning how to calm their/your nerves by using a simple mindful breath exercise and give your child and/or yourself a couple days to practice before the big day arrives.

Here’s how…

Close your eyes and gently bring your lips together.

Inhale through your nose and as you exhale also through your nose make a humming sound:  “Mmmmmm”.

Let the hum last as long as you can

Inhale and repeat.  Breathe in and hum out.

This humming breath has a way of relaxing your mouth, jaw, tongue, and lips which tend to tense up when you are feeling anxious or nervous.

Use whenever required (standing, sitting, walking, etc.) and notice that the soothing effect will increase with more practice.

Hope you and your kids have fun with it!

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