Accountability Partners – 5 Tips

Do you have something that you want to get done and just haven’t made it happen yet? Do you have a goal you have been trying to achieve and just can’t seem to be able to tackle the roadblocks? If this sounds like something that is happening, then perhaps you need an accountability partner?

As a coach I sometimes play the role of an accountability partner with my clients and recently I facilitated a workshop “From Curiosity to Action” during which I provided the participants some tips on how to choose an accountability partner. Here are the tips I shared:

1) Make sure you are able to clearly articulate your desired action/goal and share your challenges/roadblocks you foresee in achieving it.

2) Make sure you know what you want to ask your accountability partner to do. A wonderful way to do this is to decide on 2-4 questions that relate to your action/goal. Provide these questions to your partner so that they can use them each time you meet. An example might be “What actions did you take towards reaching your goal since we last spoke?”

3) Your accountability partner needs to be someone you trust.

4) Your accountability partner needs to be someone who will be comfortable asking you the hard questions and challenging you (without shame or blame).

5) Don’t limit yourself to just one accountability partner. You may need several depending on the action/goal that you are trying to achieve. So the next time you are struggling find an accountability partner and enjoy the benefits of having your own cheerleader who will support you in making the impossible possible!

Reach out if you want to chat about this more!


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